Experiencing success is what fuels us, keeps us in the game and encourages us to reach higher. Success is within reach!

Success can be defined in so many ways. It can be defined as reaching our 1-year goal, hitting a milestone along the way or achieving a daily goal we have been working towards for days or weeks. Ultimately, success is when we share a smile. It’s a moment of belief when we know we’re onto something great; when we see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Moments like these are the most tell-tale signs of true success.


Why the scale is NOT a measure of progress. In less than 1 year Jess put on 12lbs of lean muscle and says she’s the heaviest she’s ever been but she is so much healthier physically and more important mentally! Aesthetically it looks the reverse! Just goes to show what lifting weights (not excess cardio) and a clean diet can do!!


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