We’re Different!
Personal Training is paramount to one’s success when doing functional fitness, strength and conditioning.

There are reasons top athletes, movie stars etc have a trainer. It works. Show up, do the work, reap the rewards. At the Bodyshop, you are always with a coach, whether you are in a Personal Training session or in a group class. We take great pride in providing expert advice that will advance your abilities, your strength, your fitness, and your confidence. Our coaches are there to provide an effective training session. We supply the programming, our coaches work with you on technique and skills, they will encourage you to do more or slow you down if need be. They have your back.


Before you jump into classes you will need to do some foundations. At the Bodyshop, we do a lot of cool movements, from sled pushes, tire flips, gymnastics, powerlifting, to Olympic lifting and everything in between. We feel it is important that all our members have a foundation of the basic technique of our movements before jumping into a group environment. By no means do you need to be an expert, but you should have an idea what is happening and if your not quite ready for a certain movement that you are confident knowing you’ll have alternatives to pretty much everything we do.


Once you have established a base in our movements with your coach it might be time to try out a class.

Our coaches, coach you in our classes. They are not doing the workout with you. They are on the floor like your personal training session to help you have a great workout, you’re just sharing the coach with all the athletes compared to a one on one session.

Classes are fun, you’re training with others with the same goal of making improvements to Live your Best Life!

Although many people complete our Foundations program in 12-session, some complete it sooner and some prefer to spread it over more sessions. There is also an opportunity to combine the foundations training with a friend or two. Feel free to discuss these various options during your Free Training Session.

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