Join us on Wed, Dec 12 @ 7:00 pm Holiday Treat Exchange.

“The most tempting time of the year”. Remember way back when, when your Grandma would bake and bake and bake for weeks on end to ensure every treat was made, sampled and on display for when the neighbours stopped by. Then your Mom did this thing called a Cookie Exchange – how smart was she?!?

Well, we may consider ourselves just as smart as she. But this time with a small twist. All of these Christmas treats will be just a tad healthier.

Step 1: Find a recipe that you love

Step 2: Make 4-6 dozen cookies or treats (depends on how many you want to bring home)

Step 3: Wrap your cookies in 1/2 dozen packages (include the recipe)

Step 4: Exchange cookies at the party

Please bring an appetizer or bottle of wine to share. Feel free to bring a friend. The hot tub will be open if you want to bring your bathing suit.

*Cookie/treat recipe should be Paleo: no gluten, no dairy, no processed sugar. Coconut sugar, Maple Syrup and Hone are A-Ok. Nut flours or Coconut flour is preferred. Please bring your recipe and/or ingredient list. There are lots of recipes online.