Brad and Marely opened the shop in November 2009. The Bodyshop is the brainchild of over 50-years combined training experience. On July 20, 2009, Brad experienced his first CrossFit workout (named “Cindy”). It was an experience he’ll never forget and something that changed the way he approached and viewed fitness. It was an exciting new way to coach others for greater success.

Having been personal trainers for years, it was quite a change for both Brad and Marely to adjust how they had been exercising and working with their clients. “We will never look back. In a short period of time, we were able to transform more lives that we had in the past 15-years, including Brad’s brother who is now one of the fittest master athletes in Western Canada.”

Today the Bodyshop is known for its amazing facility, awesome coaches, and fun community catering to those where ever they are in their health and fitness journey, youth to grandparents.


We offer daily group classes, personal training, Olympic weightlifting, youth, and Teen development programs. In our one-of-a-kind atmosphere, we teach a 360-degree approach to health and fitness, encompassing Nutrition, mindset, accountability, and lifestyle. We are not your “20 minute get ripped quick program,”. We educate, work on your movement mechanics, your technique and work capacity. A little patience in the beginning and checking your ego at the door will reap lots of rewards in the near future.

  • We have some equipment, but mostly we have free weights and tools to strengthen our own body.

  • You’ll notice a lot of open space with a fancy rig in the middle. Drop by during a class and you’ll quickly see how it all works. Floor space is often foreign to regular gyms, but you’ll appreciate it once you join us.

  • You’ll notice a very clean environment, something we take great pride in and is commented on by almost every single person. Since we tend to spend some time on the floor whether jumping, running or lying down, a clean gym is always appreciated.

We are a COMMUNITY of coaches, clients, family, and friends all mutually dedicated to the improvement of ourselves, the improvement of others, and the improvement of the local community through health and fitness. Every time you walk through the door you will be challenged, you will be coached, you will be educated, and you will be motivated. We believe that quality coaching improves results, makes a person move better and provides proper motivation.

Our coaches are a dedicated team of fitness experts and our members are a tight-knit community with open arms. We welcome those of all skills, abilities, and physical levels. Our members range from skilled athletes to grandmothers and everyone in between. The best way to learn about us is to come and experience it. Trust us… you won’t be disappointed!


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. ~ Jim Rohn