How long have you been at Bodyshop? 2 years

Favourite Lift? Clean

Least Favourite? Turkish Get Up

You’ve been here for a while, have you noticed improvements in your fitness inside or outside the shop? I have noticed improvements in my fitness both inside and outside. In the shop I move with a lot more confidence then when I started, weights have increased as well as my pace. Outside the shop I am able to enjoy all my hobbies to a fuller extent because I don’t fatigue as quickly.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside the Bodyshop? My hobbies include dirtbiking, mountain biking, hockey, snowmobiling & golf.

Do you have any favourite moments in the gym you’d like to tell us about? My favourite time spent in the gym is pre-covid where we could share bars and weights and encourage each other to push our own limits.

What changes have you made to make yourself healthier since starting at Bodyshop? In addition to the consistent training schedule I have been correcting and improving my nutrition.

Favourite quote or words to live by? If you ain’t first, your last. – Ricky Bobby

What do you love about Bodyshop? The community, the facility, the coaches and friday post WOD bevies!

What advice do you have for new members or other members? Stick with it, persevere. It doesn’t get easier but you will feel way better in all areas of life.