Pumping iron in the gym: It used to be thought of as an activity mostly for men, and young men at that. Even in the 1990s and early 2000s, whenever I went to the gym, 90 percent of the women there usually spent their times on the treadmills, bikes and ellipticals, leaving the squat racks and dumbbells for the men in their 20s and maybe 30s.


In the last couple decades or so, though, the tide has seriously shifted. Id argue the rise of high-intensity workouts and CrossFit etc have played a pretty significant role in getting more women, as well as olderpeople into gyms lifting weights. And the growing awareness that in order to live a long, healthy life we all need to be working on our fitnessespecially strength training as we agehas also played a role.


Although our collective awareness of the importance of exercise has grown, theres still a lingering and outdated belief among many adults in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s that its too late for them. That theyre tool old for the gym. That they wont fit in. That they cant get more fit at 50 than they were at 35. That theyre inevitably declining physically and theres nothing they can do about it. 


So were left with a schism, where on the one hand people know they need to be focusing on their fitness, but theyre scared and/or believe they could never be a gym person.


If this is you, youre not alone and were here to help you realize that what you believe about the gym is a myth. Or at least this is the case if you come train with us


Heres what were doing to cater to an ageing population of clients:


Coaching, coaching coaching: 


One of the big fears people have about embarking on a workout program or joining a gym at 40, 50 or 65 is the fear of not knowing what to do and of looking stupid by doing the wrong things. 


With us, you will have a coach in your corner to tell you exactly what to do every time you show up. In fact, one of the first things we tell new clients is that we are a coaching service first and foremost. Even after 5 years of experience, you will get coached every single time you walk through the door.


Safe environment: 


Another big fear many share is that they wont fit into the gym environment because theyre too old. 


The music is too loud and I wont be able to hear the instructoris a common concern many share. 


Dont worry, weve got your back. Many of our older athletes choose to train during quieter times, like in the middle of the day, when the gym is empty and its just you and a coach you trust. Not matter what your concerns are, well help create a safe environment for you.


Address your weaknesses: 


Most people over the age of 40 have some sort of chronic ailment, or at the very least an old injury that never totally went away. 


Im old. I dont think Ill ever live without pain,said a 45-year-old client to me one year ago. Today, he is pain free and more fit than he was in his 20s.


The point is, its not too late for you. You probably just havent been doing the right things to fix your problems. With us, right from day one, your coach will address your injury history, your chronic pain, your weaknesses, your movement patterns and will work with you to fix whatever your issues are. Think of us as a blend between rehabilitation and fitness. 


Nutrition Coaching: 


Like working out, nutrition isnt a one-size fits all approach. Your coach will work with you to figure out what your body needs. From nutrition to supplements, we will help you navigate the ageing process to put you on a path where you can be more fit and healthy at 60 than you were at 50.


What do you have to lose? Contact us now for an assessment.