Name: Izzy “The Legend” Turk

How long have you been at Bodyshop Fitness & Nutrition? I have been at Bodyshop, my new home since September 2020

Favourite lift? I am extremely enthusiastic about all of them…. Even though I was told I have the best looking Squat clean this side of the Mississippi.

Least favourite? Honestly don’t have a least favourite lift, to me they all complement each other. I used to dislike what I didn’t understand, now that I have a better understanding of most lifts, I appreciate them all for their different functions.

You’ve been here for a while, have you noticed improvements in your fitness inside or outside the shop? I have had a few breakthroughs since joining Bodyshop. For one I have three gnarly shoulder injuries and was never able to get handstands in and suffered sometimes after any overhead work I can now do handstands and strict handstand push-ups, also was able to improve mobility and range of motion on my overhead presses. I learned how to kip, toes to bar and of course pullovers all here at Bodyshop.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of Bodyshop? Being alive is my favourite hobby, the gift of a new day every morning is something I am so grateful for. If you’ve worked out with me at 5 am you probably already know that. I also love spending time with my family, my wife and kids are the best. I won the lottery big time with these four humans. Lastly working out, fitness, movement whatever you want to call it has become my hobby. As a husband, dad, a small business owner I feel if training doesn’t become one of your hobbies it is hard to maintain in the long run.

Do you have any favourite moments in the gym you’d like to tell us about? Yes many, I love walking in early in the morning seeing my favourite people half asleep looking at the WOD like it’s a chemistry equation they have to balance. Then the warm-up acts as the social lubricant, people start smiling, cracking jokes, talking about what is sore and what feels good. I also love when we consult amongst each other on what weights we should be pushing today, half of it out of care for our friends the other half out of competitiveness. But one of my favourite moments is when we are flopping around like dying fish at the end of a wod, in between our sweat and weights telling each other what a great job we each did while we try to catch our breath….LOVE IT!

What changes have you made to make yourself healthier since starting at the Bodyshop?
Two things I can think of, spending a lot more time outdoors, being in the fresh air is so underrated, been making a lot more efforts to be outside not just for myself but also my kiddos. The other thing…. is a strange concept coach Brad introduced me to, it is called “rest day some even call it “recovery” I was resistant to it at first but then gave it a shot and I have to say it works! I feel better for it plus it makes me miss the gym.

Who is or has been your biggest role model or inspiration? Luckily for me, I have had a few inspirational people in my life, but the two most inspirational have to be my better half Rana and my youngest daughter Amelia. Rana was diagnosed close to a decade ago with MS and was told that besides symptom management she really had no hope moving forward. We went home in silence that night, the next day she woke up and was certain that she had found a cure and a protocol that she would follow, she started doing Crossfit, ate healthy, kicked ass and never looked back. KNOCK ON WOOD she has been Symptom-free ever since and can deadlift me. NO JOKE! Lastly, my daughter Amelia was born 4 months early, weighing under 900 grams, and spent 120+ days in the NICU, she had so many challenges and no matter the setbacks, that tiny little human just fought harder, taught me more than I can ever teach her, taught me what love is, what pain is and what hope is. I am already a happy go lucky guy, her life made me a million times more appreciative of this world and everyone in it. Most people will go through life and never get the chance to meet their hero, my wife gave birth to ours.

What is something interesting about you we would be surprised to know?
I used to be 70 lbs heavier than I am today. I joined the gym because I was on the verge of some serious health crisis. The first time I did bar over Burpees I almost died and once done had tried convincing myself that maybe I could find another hobby.

Favourite quote or words to live by? I am a man of many words and thoughts, most often unwise ones. But my favourite quote and the one that sums me up best I think is “Carpe Diem”!

What do you love about Bodyshop? Like everyone else here, I love our community, I haven’t been here long but I feel like I have been a member for years, the owners and coaches are amazing humans. The programming is fun but also smart and I love geeking out about movements with the ppl behind it. It makes it a lot easier to stick to your routine if you love your gym and the souls that inhabit it. Finally I LOVE HOW PEOPLE AT BODYSHOP (like most boxes DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT STATION THEY ARE IN, JUST GRATEFUL TO BE THERE…. Y’ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

What advice do you have for new members or other members? Motivation while great is not enough, it will get you through a WOD but it won’t help you change habits and stick to them like having a purpose does, whether it’s your family, God or yourself find it, chase it. It takes many hours to make what you want to make. The hours don’t suddenly appear. You have to steal them from comfort. So keep your eyes on the prize, love the process and if you ever need someone to do Burpees with call me!

Anything else you want to share? I have tortured you enough….