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2019 Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables: Time to start growing your own kale

The dirty dozen list changes every year: Its put out by the EWG (a nonprofit environmental organization) and tells us which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues. Read more here: (https://www.produceretailer.com/article/news-article/2019-dirty-dozen-and-clean-15-lists-released) This year, the big loser was kale! It’s on the list for the first time since 2009. Here’s the good news: If […]

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From building Facebook to building sleep boxes: Mark Zuckerberg might have the solution to your sleep problems

Sleeping with our phones is so common these days, sleep texting has become a thing! Kind of like sleep walking, only people are actually sending (usually non-sensical) texts as they remain asleep. Even if you’re not yet sleep texting, chances are you might be sleeping with your phone close by—probably because it’s also your alarm […]

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What research says about our need to compare ourselves to others, and how it might be affecting your happiness at the gym

Competition is a strange thing: It’s natural and it’s healthy. Until it’s not. It’s healthy when I see clients pushing themselves a little harder at the end of a rowing workout to keep up with the person next to them. It’s less healthy when people choose to lift weight the same weight their competitor in […]


How to ensure your seafood is “Sashimi Grade”

Sashimi Grade is the gold standard, a gauge that lets you know whether seafood is safe to eat raw, right? That’s what I used to think, too. I assumed sashimi grade was some kind of regulated and measurable label, like Extra Virgin Olive oil—the king of olive oils—or Certified Organic beef. It’s not: Sashimi grade […]