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Improve your productivity at work through fitness

If your job is physically demanding, it certainly goes without saying that increased fitness will make your job easier. But even if you sit at a desk all day, there’s a boatload of evidence that suggests a connection between exercise and productivity at work, namely through helping you be more alert. When you workout, you […]

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2020: Your Fittest Year Yet

The New Year gives us a fresh start, a chance to evaluate the year behind us, take the lessons, and craft a vision for the year ahead. In terms of our health and fitness, it is also an opportunity to begin the work of letting go of habits that no longer serve us and creating […]

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Thinking of Trying Bodyshop Fitness & Nutrition?

Here’s some fitness advice for beginners When you walk through the Bodyshop door, you’re already winning. When we try our hand in something new, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed, apprehensive and unsure. Our self-limiting beliefs could definitely get the best of us. However, we would be missing out on so much more, if […]

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Why the “I’ll start my diet, exercise, no booze plan tomorrow, next week, next month…” doesn’t work!

“I’m cutting out booze on January 1st.” “I’ll worry about getting fit after I give birth.” “No sugar starts next month. Now give me a slice of that apple pie!” Human beings sure do like the idea of making changes at the “perfect time.” But is there ever a perfect time? Let’s say you’re planning […]

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Why we don’t do “CrossFit” every day

So much confusion around the term CrossFit these days, isn’t there? People often show up at our door telling us they’re looking for “CrossFit.” Next, I usually ask them what they think CrossFit is. When I ask that, the same thing always happen: A head-scratching confusion comes over their face as they struggle to come […]

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The less visible benefits of exercise…

What’s your excuse when you fall off the exercise bandgwagon? Too tired? Long days at work? You have children? You don’t have time? You’ll start next week? You don’t see the results you want even when you do go? Let’s address the last one, which is surprisingly one of the more common excuses people give […]


Why we’re different than most CrossFit Gyms…

Ten years ago, people walked into a CrossFit gym and had no idea what they were about to experience: No pre-conceived ideas, no expectations at all, really. Ten years later, CrossFit has developed a reputation, and not always a good one. Today, everyone knows what CrossFit is (or almost everyone, at least), and many are […]